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  Fall 2005  


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Strategize * Organize * Utilize * Prioritize

Research Award Recipient and Student Scholarship Awards Announced

The Effect of Menopause on Women’s Lexical Access


Strategize * Organize* Utilize * Prioritize
By Kellye Edwards, Chair, University System of Maryland

It’s that time of year again and we are ready. This year we have created a power pact platform for your professional personal growth. I created and call this series: The Empowerment Series I & II. This years “no-nonsense” Keynote speaker is Audrey Chapman discussing Changing Attitudes in the Workplace "An "Attitude Adjustment" Workshop that will change your point of view for the better!"

Audrey will instruct on how to

"Learn To:

  • Challenge your belief system,

  • Think before you speak,

  • Manage conflict more effectively to reduce drama

  • Accept the differences in others (cultural, racial, sexual orientation)

  • How your values, judgments, prejudices and stereotypes influence what you think, feel and

  • How to you choose to react."

”You will benefit:
Create positive relationships with those you work with
Strengthen problem solving skills and increase productivity and
Make less assumptions about other people's behavior and reduce tensions amongst staff members."

She’s back! Marja Lee Freeman will do the Empowerment Series–Part I on Career Empowerment! Find Your Power, Passion and Purpose.

Learn practical tips and STRATEGIES to determine how to find your passion in life not simply a J-O-B. Marja Lee Freeman will help you discover how to be more successful in your career, find out where the best opportunities are hidden and guide you through a personality exploration to determine your Gifts and Talents”

Don’t wait, register today and be empowered!


USM Women's Forum: Enhancing the Status of Women in the
University System of Maryland

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