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  Fall 2003  


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Students Win Women Forum Scholarships

Career Corner
Networking for Women in Higher Education

Job Stress

Research Award Recipients Announced

Women's Forum to Establish Staff Awards

AAUW Fellowships and Grants


Women's Forum to Establish Staff Awards

For many years the Women's Forum has supported women students through scholarships and faculty pursuing research on women's issues through research awards. The forum recently recognized the need to support women in the USM who do not fall into student or faculty status by establishing a fund for professional development awards.

The purpose of this fund is to encourage and enable staff to obtain training to enhance their current job skills or enable them to seek new career opportunities. This fund is not meant to be a scholarship fund but is reserved for individual developmental activities.

The Staff Awards Committee is currently developing guidelines and an application form for this new award. If all goes well, the committee will begin accepting award applications in the spring of 2004. Check upcoming newsletters and the web site for updates.

USM Women's Forum: Enhancing the Status of Women in the
University System of Maryland

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