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  Fall 2003  


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Students Win Women Forum Scholarships

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Research Award Recipients Announced

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Students Win Women's Forum Scholarships

The USM Women's Forum had a tough job selecting just six recipients from approximately 100 students that applied for Women's Forum Scholarships this year. Many, despite significant hardships, had remarkable achievements, such as award recipient, Michele Snyder. Michele, a Business Administration major at the University of Baltimore, is a single mother of three children and works two jobs to support her family while maintaining a 3.8 GPA. She currently serves as Director of an emergency crisis center for women and children and hopes to use her degree to further her contributions to this field. Michele and her co-recipients (to follow) each received a $500 scholarship.

  • Emily Henson, University of Maryland at Baltimore School of Pharmacy, graduating May 2005

  • Erin O'Neill, Towson University, Master of Arts in Teaching, graduating May 2004

  • Beth Lynn Connolly-Dzidek, University of Maryland College Park, English, graduating May 2005

  • Abigail Aiyeopola, University of Maryland Baltimore Campus, Interdisciplinary & African Studies, graduating May 2004

  • Shauna Smith, Coppin State, Applied Psychology, graduating May 2004.

WF's scholarships are offered each spring. Check upcoming newsletters and the web site for updates.

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